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The Wonders of Hyperbaric Treatment

The Wonders of Hyperbaric Treatment

The Wonders of Hyperbaric Treatment

As the NFL seeks to extend the regular season and currently partakes in Thursday night football, the pressure to stay healthy and excel is pushing the envelope in not only traditional medicine but alternative medicine as well.

As we delve into Part II of proactive and reactive treatments athletes take to improve on recovery, healing, and performance hyperbaric treatments are high on the list of alternative remedies athletes look to for a boost in recovery and healing.

While still not FDA approved for many conditions the beneficial healing effects of oxygen under pressure are well documented. It is not good enough to simply breathe 100 percent oxygen or solely dive in a hyperbaric chamber, the effects of the two simultaneously have been used to treat the following conditions and yield the following benefits.

The benefits of Hyperbaric Therapy: Reduce Inflammation

Detoxify Cells, Improve Circulation, Increase Stem Cell Production and Promote New Blood Vessel Growth (Angiogenesis).

 Common effects of Hyperbaric Therapy:

Increased Mental Clarity and Alertness, Strengthened Immune System, Heightened Energy and Physical Performance and Faster Healing of Injuries and Wounds.

Ref: FOX Sports USA

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