MetaQuotes MT4 & MT5 Removal From Apple App Store

Hence, a likely fix to Apple’s MT4 and MT5 delisting would be to enable a certain connection between the MetaTrader instance and the brokerage that is responsible for the software, e.g. This way, a direct responsibility is shifted towards the broker offering the software rather than spread out between all the brokers offering MT4 or MT5 mobile apps to their clients. Regarding the reasons that Apple removed MT4 and MT5, there has been much speculation being discussed online over the past number of hours, with much of the discussion centering on Apple removing other apps with ties to Russia. While MetaQuotes is based in Limassol, Cyprus, the company has its origins in Russia and its founder and CEO Renat Fatkhullin, along with his brother Lenar Fatkhullin who serves as Marketing Director for the company, are Russian. MetaQuotes is the leading software provider in retail forex and CFD trading.

mt4 and mt5 removed from apple store

And while hopefully, its applications will be available for download again in the near future, the move may prompt brokers to consider or fast-track plans to develop their own, proprietary terminals. MetaTrader 4 was introduced in 2005 and specialized in forex trading, while MetaTrader 5 went live in 2010, providing access to CFDs spanning stocks, indices, precious metals, energies, and futures, among other assets. In a WhatsApp text message sent late Sunday evening, Cy, the victim who has still been unable to recoup any of his losses, said he was pleased that Apple had removed the trading app. He had previously told Forbes that a large part of why he was convinced to download it was that it had positive reviews and could be found on Apple’s App Store. ECS does not gain or lose profits based on your trading results and operates as an educational company. Remember that software’s past performance does not ensure future results and you may lose some or all of your invested capital.

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Although it was said that brokers and traders would feel the impact of the ban in the long run if other app stores also jumped onto the banning bandwagon, it’s only an assumption and hasn’t happened yet. MetaQuotes, a developer of MT4 and MT5 platforms, may find a way to resolve issues with Apple and consider additional mechanisms to avoid similar issues with other platforms in the future. Although iPhone and iPad users who have already downloaded the trading platforms can continue to use them, they will be unable to access updates, upgrades or fixes. On September 24, 2022, it was announced that Apple has terminated its listing of MetaQuotes’ trading applications – both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. At the time of writing, both MetaTrader apps are still available on the Google Play Store. In this article we will not be focusing on the story of the ban itself, but rather analyzing the most plausible reasons for it and forecast a few potential scenarios for the brokers implementing these platforms.

mt4 and mt5 removed from apple store

Apple has done this many times previously where it would release a version of something popular specifically for Apple users and remove all other similar applications to Apple users would have no choice but to use that application. Another popular scam going Tips On How To Invest In Cryptocurrencies around involves Plug-ins with the Meta Trader apps. MetaQuotes is known to be very lenient when it comes to some hacks and cheats people do on their app. They usually turn a blind eye when they see people doing illegal activities or scams on the app.

MetaQuotes’ MT4 & MT5 Removal From Apple App Store

A possible reason an app get removed from the App Store is for being flagged by users. If this has been the case however, MetaQuotes sure sound too surprised with the situation. In the meantime, a possible reason for removal could have been the recent scam broken by on September 9th called “How One Man Lost $1 Million To A Crypto ‘Super Scam’ Called Pig Butchering”. However, we starting to see major US regulated brokers stopping to offer MT5 to their retail clients via their websites. “The removal of the Apps does not only affect the parties involved but also the industry as a whole,” the representative said.

mt4 and mt5 removed from apple store

This only affects traders who wished to download the app on their iPhones or iPads. Keeping this in mind, never invest more money than you can risk losing. The risks involved in trading may not be suitable for all investors. ECS doesn’t retain responsibility for any trading losses you might face as a result of using the data hosted on this site. It is however unclear, how MetaQuotes was deemed responsible for action.

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Though, there hasn’t been any formal explanation from the company. Most traders and users believe that this was definitely not the right decision. It is going to cause people to lean more towards getting an Android. They will certainly have no problem easily replacing their Apple phones with new ones immediately. If Apple found out about this download scam, there is no doubt that they would remove the Meta Trader applications from the AppStore in order to teach the creator a lesson.

  • This sudden removal by Apple of the most used trading platforms in the world has caused quite a few dissensions among traders for various reasons.
  • Apple has been consistently making some bad decisions these last couple of years.
  • MetaTrader enables scammers to show victims fake earnings, a key element of a pig butchering scam.

The MetaTrader ban has surprised traders, especially considering how convenient these platforms are for online Forex trading. As suggested by Finance Magnate’s Quarterly Intelligence Report of Q2 of 2022, MT4 and MT5 together covered 83% of the market share of overall online trade transactions. Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 are the most popular trading platforms in the world. They are more commonly known as MT4 and MT5 and surpass all other trading platforms in terms of a variety of services and customer support. Buzz around the ban is due to the immense popularity of MT4 and MT5, which together account for 83.8% of the total online trading platform market share, according to Finance Magnate’s Quarterly Intelligence Report for Q2 of 2022. Ideally, MetaQuotes fixes whatever Apple requests to be fixed and (I hope) delivers a safer trading environment by eliminating all of the scammy whitelabels.

MetaTrader 4 Partial Close and Close-By – How to Handle These Actions in Regulatory Reporting

MetaQuotes noted that it was liaising with Apple “in an effort to clarify the situation” and resolve the issue. Moreover, the company said it was considering other various options. “We do not believe that Apple’s actions are linked in any way with the Western sanctions on Russia,” the MetaQuotes representative said. Nonetheless, white-label brokers provide customized versions to their clients. Jan Santiago, GASO’s deputy director, said the organization was “glad” for the app’s removal.

MT4 was released in Russia in 2005 before MT5  came in 2009 to support more trading instruments. According to a study conducted in September 2019, MetaTrader 4 was still the most popular trading platform in the world at the time. These popular platforms were developed by the company MetaQuotes and have been providing services for several years now to both Android and Apple users.

Apple Removes A Trading App Linked To Crypto Scams From The App Store

According to Finance Magnates Intelligence, MT4 and MT5 boasted a combined 78.7% share of the market at the close of 2020. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Privacy Policy (Cookie Policy), and our Terms of Service. As a result, Apple has taken steps to delete both the bogus and original apps. Another sore point that could have caused this so drastic measure by Apple concerns the massive presence in the Store of “bogus” applications that were passed off as MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 (MT4 and MT5). According to reliable sources, the cancellation of MetaQuotes apps was caused by the strong friction between Western countries and Russia. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

mt4 and mt5 removed from apple store

Upgrades followed to include CFD trading for multiple asset classes, including stocks, indices, commodities energies, and futures. The company released MT5 in 2010, which surpassed MT4 as their most popular platform in early 2021. On the 23rd of September, Apple informed MetaQuotes, the developers of MT4 and MT5, of their intention to remove the popular trading apps from the App Store. Later on the same day, Apple removed MT4 and MT5 from the App Store.

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Although the MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 ban shocked the market, it didn’t create an unresolved problem. Traders can still trade on MT4 and MT5 desktop terminals or utilise the mobile application if they are an Android user. Moreover, they may leverage potential alternatives to give an edge to their Forex trading journeys. This terminal assists traders who don’t want to waste time waiting or who wish to try high-frequency trading, scalping, or both to benefit from quickly changing markets. Although it initially seemed a significant problem, traders who have MetaTrader installed on their devices can continue using the app with the only limit — they can’t get any updates or new features.

Neither Apple nor MetaQuotes have commented on the removal, or the reason(s) for the removal of MT4 and MT5 from the App Store. (FNG has reached out to various senior sources at MetaQuotes, who at the time of writing have not replied). The application is available as a free download from the Apple App Store. Developed by the Spotware Systems group in 2011, the user-friendly application facilitates trading on thousands of financial instruments, from stocks and ETFs to commodities and cryptocurrencies. Finance Magnates reports that prospective forex and CFD brokers are finding it hard to be onboarded by white-label services to kick off their new brands.

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