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About Us

Baroks Hyperbaric

Baroks is manufacturer of medical Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers, Tunnel Construction and Diving Chambers both for Navy and private customers.
As a company, we are able to provide solutions throughout a large area. We have a web of international partners/suppliers in order to develope and implement solutions for the hyperbaric and diving community. Our dynamic staff/team is always there to help our customers and make their job even easier through Projects.

We have been part of 100 projects over 20 countries based on 4 continents. Baroks is speciliazed in Turn-Key Projects using an innovative approach. We try our very best to answer our customer’s needs from the very beginning until the installation process. We continously incorporate the latest Technologies into every new and diverse chambers with flexible design aiming manufacture through low running cost at competitive prices.

The production itself as well as the side components are made under European and U.S. qualifications and standards. Barok’s ongoing investment as well as it’s overall commitment to the manufacturing industry gives customers constant access to new and cutting edge solutions while solidifying its position as a leading provider of innovative, useful chambers and systems.
We will continue take on new challenges as the worlds top Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers manufacturer. It is a great honor to contribute to the health of people’s lives through our chambers.

Our Factory

Baroks has been contributing to the development of the Hyperbaric Industry as one of the global leading company. Baroks manufactures not only advance chambers but also automation systems to support global manufacturing by providing exceptional productivity and versatility. We will continue to develop advanced chambers for progress in manufacturing .
Production using well-known top quality parts and equipments
Highest standards of quality throughout the Project
CE certified according to EN 97/23  and Medical Certificate 93/42 EC
Compliant with EN 14931
IMCA, DNV, GL regulations are observed




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