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HYPO (Altitude ) Chamber

HYPO (Altitude ) Chamber

Application & use

The hypobaric chamber supports training of personnel in altitude indoctrination flights. This includes pressure breathing exercises, combination flights, rapid decompression, oxygen equipment use, and emergency procedures. Applications extend to high altitude physiological problems in hypoxia, hyperventilation, and mechanical effects of trapped gas, gas evolution out of solution and stress interactions.

Rapid decompression, with and without protective equipment, prevention of hyperventilation and pressure breathing problems can be studied within this chamber.


BAROKS hypobaric chambers are designed in accordance with EN European “Standards for Pressures Vessels for Human Occupancy”, “man-rating” and “oxygen enriched atmosphere” capability.


2 compartment

Main Compartment

RD Compartment

Main : 4 student + 1 trainer

RD : 2 student

Design Altitude : 60.000 feet

Max. Altittude : 32.000 feet

Main comp. Rate : 6.000 feet/min



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