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Medical HBO

Baroks HBO chambers are designed, manufactured and tested according to International norms and regulations in order to meet high safety, emergency control and comfort of the patients.

Diving Chambers

Baroks can produce all-in-one  diving chambers specifically to your requirements. Diving chamber, compressors, air tubes, gas tubes, control panels etc. are brought together in a compact way. So that you can have your diving system transportable and easy to maintain.

Hypo & Tunnel

The hypobaric chamber supports training of personnel in altitude indoctrination flights. This includes pressure breathing exercises, combination flights, rapid decompression, oxygen equipment use, and emergency procedures. Short date delivery, flexiblity and excellent cost performance is guaranteed.




Beautifully crafted with technical excellence
and exceptional attention to detail.


A few of Baroks core features

Turn Key Solutions

To meet the challenge you need a strong partner who helps you to realize your project vision. Baroks Turnkey Solutions supports you with everything required for a one-stop-solution – focused on the needs and targets of your inquiry.


Innovative Approach

Baroks is continuously developing trend-setting products. Through its pooled innovative capacity, Baroks is optimising its product and service portfolios, and setting technological standards always high.

International Web

Baroks believes Strong alliances are necessary to tackle and master the challenges on international arena. It ıs essential in order to reach our customers worldwide.


Flexible Design

Baroks offers exceptional end-to-end service from product conceptualization, flexible design, product development to manufacturing. All are linked together through a comprehensive process and closely monitored and tested by dedicated professionals.


Dynamic Staff

We are very proud of our Dynamic Staff. Our aim is to connect with our customers with Utmost Understanding level and focus on giving them the best service as possible.


Leading Provider of HBOT

Baroks is one of the leading providers of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers having a solid manufacturing site. By combining sales and service activities, offers a broad product portfolio and unique market presence.



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