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TcPO2 ( 1 channel) with chamber connections

TcPO2 ( 1 channel) with chamber connections


The TCM CombiM configuration is designed specifically for neonatal and pediatric intensive care needs. It provides continuous, reliable, accurate, non-invasive and real-time transcutaneous tcpO2 and tcpCO2 information and comes with a range of high performing sensors. The tcpO2 measurement, a differentiating feature of the TCM CombiM monitor, is a crucial parameter for patients in neonatal intensive care to avoid the risk of hyperoxia and its effects (eg. retinopathy in preterm babies). Indeed for high oxygenation rate, where SpO2 is not any more accurate, tcpO2 carries on providing a precious information concerning oxygenation of the tissue. The TCM CombiM monitor combines an enhanced ready-to-use function with a unique gold-plated sensor technology in the tc Sensor 84 and tc Sensor 54, making it highly reliable, stable and robust. Real-time trending of measured parameters is displayed ensuring fast and immediate clinical intervention to critical changes. The TCM CombiM monitor utilizes various communication protocols to interface with any patient monitoring system and PC.   Optimize your work routines
  • Intuitive color touch screen and Windows CE software for increased user-friendliness
  • High compatibility to interface with any patient monitoring system
  • On-board video tutorials
  • Built-in battery facilitates transport of the patient
  • Simultaneous viewing of all measurements
  • USB port for easy printing of reports
  • Patient-friendly sensor fixations for improved comfort
  Increased patient safety
  • On-screen visualization of patient data in graphical or tabular format
  • Patient information automatically linked to measurements
  • Automatic linking of data and marking of events to a session
  • Real-time data storage
  • Continuous trend measurement
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