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Bibs Mask 350 M

Bibs Mask 350 M


  • Third party Tested and Certified by NUI to Norsok U-101:1999 and Verified by DNV
  • Easy Breathing (light inhalation and exhalation resistance, resulting in a low work of breathing)
  • Rugged Regulator Housing with Stainless Steel Valve Assemblies
  • Tool-less Removal of Demand and Exhaust Valve Assemblies for ease of maintenance and service
  • Pneumatically Balanced Demand Regulator with fine tune adjustment
  • Pneumatically Balanced Exhaust Regulator with overboard dump, permits minimum ventilation of the chamber
  • Vacuum Relief Valve Included
  • Gas Router and CO2 Purge Mechanism Attached to the Valves
  • Double Diaphragm Design with Removable Diaphragms and locking Diaphragm Covers for proper alignment and compression
  • Ultrafit, Hi-Comfort Silicone Oral Nasal, designed to fit most faces and designed to accommodate a microphone option
  • Full Head Harness for added comfort during long administration
  • Pressure and Collapse tested 10 ft. Hose Assembly with Quick Disconnects included
  • For use with Air, Oxygen, or Heliox
  • A unique microphone (Part #: 550-0010-01) can be linked to an Amcom ™ series communicator, allowing the person inside the chamber to clearly communicate with people outside the chamber
  • CE 607930
  • US Patent No. 8,336,547
  • Int. PCT. Pat. App. No. US2012/066144 pending
350M BIBS Mask - P/N: 350M-01 Includes:
  • (1) 10 Foot Hose Assembly - P/N: 540-0004-01
  • (1) Oxygen Cleaned Quick Disconnect Socket - Brass - P/N: 59853-00
  • (1) Oxygen Cleaned Quick Disconnect Socket - P/N: 18969-00
  • (1) 350M BIBS Mask User's Manual - P/N: 350M-UM
  • (1) Certificate of Conformance
Warning: The Amron 350M BIBS Mask was designed and is for use within a hyperbaric chamber only. It is NOT intended for and must NOT be used underwater.   In Stock

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