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Adjustable LED light for Hyperbaric chambers



  • 4.2 Watt LED bulb equivalent to 30 Watt Halogen bulb
  • Adjustable integrated mounting plate
  • Low heat with high-performance heat sink
  • 3-pin Male Marsh Marine Connection
  • Optional magnetic base available
  • Optional blue lens filter available


  • Lamp type: White 4.2 Watt LED (equivalent to 30 Watt Halogen bulb)

 Electrical Specifications

  • Operating Voltage Range: 10-28 VDC
  • Input Power: 5 Watts (maximum)
  • Beam Angle: 30°
  • Light Level: 300 lumens

 Mechanical Specifications

  • Housing: 6061 Aluminum
  • Finish: Black Hard Anodized, MIL-A-8625, type III class 2
  • Pressure Rating: 1000 fsw (300 msw)

Mating Connectors

  • 3-pin Marsh Marine: RMG-3-FS (not included)
  • Locking Sleeve: Delrin – Marsh Marine: G-FLS-D (not included)
  • Locking Sleeve:  Stainless Steel – Marsh Marine: G-FLS-S (not included)


  • Height: 3.15 inches (80 mm)
  • Body Diameter: 3.3 inches (84 mm)
  • Mounting Plate: 4.5 inches (114 mm)
  • Weight: 1.50 lbs (0.68 kg)

*Mounting Holes – Industry Standard Two 0.25 inch (6.35 mm) diameter mounting holes with a 3.82 inch (97 mm) spacing.


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Air Filter System – 3 stage EN12021



  • The first stage is a general purpose filter that removes liquids and solids down to 5 microns
  • The second stage filter removes sub-micron particles and oil aerosols down to 0.01 micron before the final stage
  • The third stage removes oil vapors and odors using a carbon cartridge


  • Max. Inlet Air Pressure: 250 psig
  • Max. Temperature: 150° F
  • Final Stage Flow Range: 100 scfm
  • Inlet & Outlet Valves (2): 3/4 FNPT, Brass
  • Valve Nipples (Brass): # 10 JIC
  • Inlet & Outlet Gauge: 0-300 psi
  • Frame: Marine Grade Aluminum 1in. square tubing


  • Height: 21 in.
  • Length: 30 in.
  • Top: 8 in.
  • Bottom: 12 in.
  • Weight: 34 lbs.

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Amcom II – Double Lock intercom



  • Two Modes of Operation – 2-Wire Mode and/or 4-Wire Mode
  • Separate volume controls for operator and each lock
  • Separate on/off controls for each lock
  • External 12 VDC connection

Amcom ™ II 2820A-4003 Double Lock Chamber Communicator Includes

  • (1) Hand-Held Push-to-Talk Microphone: Part Number 2405-28
  • (1) 12 VDC Slide Terminal Gel-Cell Rechargeable Battery: Part Number 2890-05 – Expected life: 20 hrs
  • (1) MS Connector – 14 Pin Female: Part Number MS-3106A-20-27S
  • (1) MS Cable Clamp 20/22 Shell: Part Number MS-3057-12A
  • (1) Power Cord: Part Number P-2392
  • (1) User Manual


  • Power: 115/230 VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Audio Output Power: 20 Watts
  • Back-up Power: Rechargeable 12 VDC Slide Terminal Gel Cell
  • Rear Panel Connection: MS 14 Pin Male with Mating Connector
  • Entertainment Input: 2 RCA jacks for (2820A-4003E only) audio input, signal is mixed internally for a stereo input/monaural output
  • Dimensions: 8 in. H x 10.125 in. W x 7.5 in. D(20.3 cm x 25.7 cm x 19.1 cm)
  • Weight: 15 lbs (3.6 kg)

Tech Note

All communicators will transfer topside noise to the diver when using the radio speaker only. To eliminate background noise and achieve clear concise communications, use a Push-to-Talk microphone, headset, or a Remote Walk-and-Talk with a headset.


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Amron Oxygen Treatment Hood



  • Latex Neck Seals (Trimmed P/N: 8891-005-00 and Untrimmed P/N: 8891-005) are compatible with BOTH OLD Neck Ring (P/N: 8891-001) and 2014 improved Neck Ring (P/N: 8891-011)
  • Both versions of the Oxygen Treatment Hood P/N: 8891-010 fit BOTH OLD and 2014 improved Neck Rings
  • CE and FDA Registered
  • Optimum cooling and noise reduction
  • Reusable neck ring (autoclavable)
  • Conveniently located hoses reduce bulk and improve comfort
  • Designed for simplicity, performance, economy, ease-of-use and safe effective cleaning
  • Innovative design allows patient to recline comfortably
  • Multipurpose port for gas analysis or entertainment option
  • Positive O-ring seal between hood and neck ring
  • Soft vinyl hood with extra-large optical quality window
  • Replaceable surgical latex neck seal with sized trim lines
  • Optional entertainment system with pneumatic headset
  • Replaces P/N: 8892

Note: Neck Seal comes installed on neck ring


Please reference the Cleaning Manual located in the Attachments Tab on this web page for recommended cleaning instructions. Oxygen Treatment Hood can be sterilized using either gas sterilization method, however multiple cycles of gas sterilizing over time will shorten the products working life.

Component Breakdown:

  • P/N 8891-010: Vinyl Hood with Optical Window
  • P/N 8891-005-00: Untrimmed Latex Neck Seal
  • P/N 8891-011: Neck Ring
  • P/N 8891-15: O-ring
  • P/N 8891-25: Multipurpose Plug

Note: The neck seal contains natural rubber latex which can cause allergic reactions. Please select our Model 8891-03 Medical Grade Silicone Hood Assembly if you believe the patient may have a latex sensitivity or allergy.

Caution: Federal law (USA) mandates that Amron can only sell this product to physicians and/or licensed clinical practitioners.


  • Neck Ring: Polycarbonate (Autoclavable)
  • Hood Ring: PVC
  • Hood: Clear soft vinyl (PVC)
  • Hood Window: Optical press polished vinyl
  • Neck Seal: Latex
  • O-ring, Neck Ring: Nitrile
  • Multipurpose Ring: Nitrile
  • Supply and Exhaust Ports: Male 22 mm
  • Multipurpose Port: 0.5 in. (1.27 cm) diameter
  • Diameter: 12.5 in. (31.75 cm)
  • Height: 13.5 in. (34.29 cm)
  • Weight: 1.37 lbs. (21.9 oz.)


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Analox SDA Oxgen Analyzer, 4-20mA output



  • Easily configured
  • Interchangeable sensors and software allowing greater flexibility
  • Available as either a panel or rack mount analyzer


  • Range: 0 to 100% or 0 to 3000mBar
  • Display resolution: 0.01%
  • Alarms: 1 x high going, 1 x low going (fully adjustable)
  • Pressure range: 700 to 1,300 mBar
  • Recommended flow rate: 0.2 to 1.0 litre/minute

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AVOX Bibs Mask System



  • Full head harness for added comfort during long administration
  • Exhausts exhaled gases over board, permitting minimum ventilation of the chamber
  • Demand Regulator permits constant flow operation
  • Demand Regulator designed to operate with constant inlet pressure of 65 to 125 PSI over chamber pressure


  • Weight: 3.9 lbs.

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Bibs Mask 350 M



  • Third party Tested and Certified by NUI to Norsok U-101:1999 and Verified by DNV
  • Easy Breathing (light inhalation and exhalation resistance, resulting in a low work of breathing)
  • Rugged Regulator Housing with Stainless Steel Valve Assemblies
  • Tool-less Removal of Demand and Exhaust Valve Assemblies for ease of maintenance and service
  • Pneumatically Balanced Demand Regulator with fine tune adjustment
  • Pneumatically Balanced Exhaust Regulator with overboard dump, permits minimum ventilation of the chamber
  • Vacuum Relief Valve Included
  • Gas Router and CO2 Purge Mechanism Attached to the Valves
  • Double Diaphragm Design with Removable Diaphragms and locking Diaphragm Covers for proper alignment and compression
  • Ultrafit, Hi-Comfort Silicone Oral Nasal, designed to fit most faces and designed to accommodate a microphone option
  • Full Head Harness for added comfort during long administration
  • Pressure and Collapse tested 10 ft. Hose Assembly with Quick Disconnects included
  • For use with Air, Oxygen, or Heliox
  • A unique microphone (Part #: 550-0010-01) can be linked to an Amcom ™ series communicator, allowing the person inside the chamber to clearly communicate with people outside the chamber
  • CE 607930
  • US Patent No. 8,336,547
  • Int. PCT. Pat. App. No. US2012/066144 pending

350M BIBS Mask – P/N: 350M-01 Includes:

  • (1) 10 Foot Hose Assembly – P/N: 540-0004-01
  • (1) Oxygen Cleaned Quick Disconnect Socket – Brass – P/N: 59853-00
  • (1) Oxygen Cleaned Quick Disconnect Socket – P/N: 18969-00
  • (1) 350M BIBS Mask User’s Manual – P/N: 350M-UM
  • (1) Certificate of Conformance

Warning: The Amron 350M BIBS Mask was designed and is for use within a hyperbaric chamber only. It is NOT intended for and must NOT be used underwater.


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CO2 analyzer , 4-20mA output


E+E Elektronik understand that instruments in livestock barns or greenhouses are exposed and deemed as demanding environments.The EE82 CO2 transmitter for demanding applications addresses this worry by serving as a robust measuring transmission device that can handle pollutants, humidity, herbiocides, and increased ammonia concentration in the atmosphere. The key to this is the functional housing of EE82 that also included a unique filter to manage these hazards.
The filter diffuses the air into the enclosure and further diffuses through a second membrane that is connected to a measuring cell for CO2.

CO2 Scrubber – 7Lt



  • Dependable motor, completely sealed with brushless design
  • Two versions available: adjustable pre-set fan speed or externally controllable fan speed
  • 24 VDC, 2A power supply (pre-set fan speed)
  • Externally controlled version requires an optional fan speed control unit
  • Canister can hold approximately 16.5 lbs (7.5 kg) of CO2 adsorbent
  • The canister is connected to the motor by a bayonet locking mechanism, so it can be easily replaced and/or refilled


  • User Manual


  • Power Supply: 24-28 VDC, 2 amps
  • Rotating Speed (without canister, atmospheric pressure): 1400-4000 RPM
  • Operating Pressure: Max. 600 PSI/42 bar (420 MSW)
  • Dimensions: 9.7 in. H x 8.9 in. W x 16.6 in. D (24.5 cm x 22.6 cm x 42.2 cm)
  • Weight Complete Unit (empty canister): 18.3 lbs (8.3 kg)
  • Weight Complete unit (full canister): 35.3 lbs (16 kg)


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Drager Oxylog 100 Ventilator + Chamber connections


​The Oxylog® 1000 offers first aid ventilation of patients in emergency situations. Designed to be used outdoors, its intuitive operation, robustness and transportability make the Oxylog® 1000 complete in its class. The ventilator has integrated audible and visual alarms that monitor both the airway pressure and supply pressure to aid in patient safety.

All functions are pneumatically operated, so the ventilator does not depend on any electrical power source. Thanks to its fundamental design, the Oxylog® 1000 also stands for great reliability, ready to meet rough conditions during your mission.

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